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Quick Couplings

Usage : Our couplings are designed to attach pipes with pumps using in irrigation units, sewerages, chemical plants, sludge/ mud or any other general purpose pumps.

Four Types of coupling with range of Discharge Pipes, Header Pipes, Couplings;  Male & Female, , Flanges, Elbows (90o Bend}, Tee Joints (Galvanized & Non-galvanized), Rubber Rings, Clamp Bolts, King Nipples, Well Point. 

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Construction Components

Anchorage Plate, Wedge & Bearing

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Pipe Handling Solutions

Fix Tri Stands, Folding Tri Stands, Max Jacks, Adjust-a-Roller Stands along with the complete range of different Heads to handle any types of piping jobs.

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Material Handling & Lifting Equipments

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks,  Hand Trolleys, Sack Folding Trolleys, Beam Trolleys, Medical Trolleys, Wheel Barrow Trolleys & LPG Cylinder Handling Trolleys amongst the complete range of another 200 material handling Trolleys.

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